Maggie Loves Flexpet

There is nothing worse than seeing your elderly pet starting to experience pain in their joints. With our dog Maggie we suspected it might happen earlier in life, due to the fact that she had experienced an injury as a young dog. Maggie was eight this year and we noticed the spark going out of her, and she was spending a lot of time laying on her heavy duty foam bed. We suspected that she was beginning to experience pain, especially as she was having difficulty in her left hind leg.

We didn’t really want to put her on harsh and toxic medications, so we went to a veterinarian that specialized in natural treatments for pets. It was this vet that told us about a new product called FlexPet. He told us that it was a natural supplement that he was using successfully to treat older dogs and suggested we try it. He also talked about how it’s not just dogs that benefit from it but he also reccomends it for patients with elderly cats and for horses.

When we got home I decided to research just was was in the FlexPet CM8, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Two of the ingredients happened to be exactly the same natural supplements that my parents were taking for arthritis. Glucosamine and MSM are a common treatment in humans to help with all types of joint pain as well as other arthritic symptoms. I feel a lot more comfortable giving something to my pet that is natural and safe, than I do with medications that contain all kinds of harsh chemicals.

The pills also contained vitamin C and chicken collagen which I knew would also be helpful. CM8 aka Cetyl Myristoleate is a well researched substance that is known to lubricate and nourish joints. It also helps to increase the strength of collagen in joints of elderly animals. Researchers have been using it on dogs and cats successfully, and are now trying it out on many different animal species.

We started Maggie on the new treatment about 3 months ago. The improvement in her condition has been nothing short of amazing. We are really pleased with this product, and she is back to her old self again. The best part was there was absolutely no side effects.

We also adjusted her diet to something more appropriate for an elderly dog and cut back on the number of treats we were giving her in order to help with her weight loss. She is a short legged dog, so her joints experience a lot of weight. Now she is back to running around the yard, playing with her favorite toys and jumping up on our bed at night. I never thought I would see the day that she would be able to do that again.

I am very impressed with this product and the effects it had on our beloved dog. I’m impressed by all the natural ingredients and by the fact that it’s made in the United States and has the approval of the FDA. I strongly recommend that anyone with a pet who is starting to experience problems, give this product a try for at least three months. I’ve seen the results, and so have friends of mine who have elderly pets. We’ve all had the same experience. Healthier pets and absolutely no adverse side effects. Nothing is better that 100% natural supplements.


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